Strangely Imaginable

a world through rose-covered glasses

in theory, creates the most beautiful stage

set with happy petals and fresh smiles

simply sugary sweet, cotton candy skies, kalanchoe fields


hydrangea’s beauty solely existing, uncaptured

lilies lowered by rope, daisies lovely in fluorescent light

lisianthus glowing like plastic, carnations’ grace shining with the flashes

of onlookers seeking to take, bring with them

the wonders of the world to trap in machines

and to share with curious eyes


 the rosy world, in theory

enclosed in a golden frame

swirling in a dizzy mess of palettes and pastels

enhanced by machinery and a world unknown to them


ravishing and fabulous, enchanting, mysterious

captivating, an overflow of aesthetic pleasure

a charm never before discovered


yet in years

and years

and years


should they still remain with life for our privilege

shall we, this time

take in the sights without our rose-covered glasses

and bathe in nature, raw and vulnerable?


the world without the glorification of beautified chrysanthemum

just may be the brightest

and a world like that, distant it may seem,

through love and colored souls

becomes strangely imaginable


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