The sky tonight seems not too far off. Tonight it looks like a soft, velvety blanket, deep blue and covering the space around our small house to shield us from harm. Tonight that blanket is sprinkled with tiny pinches of silver glitter, each one sparkling next to the radiant beams of a stunning crescent moon. Tonight the stars especially capture my interest as they tirelessly shine throughout the chilly evening. And for once in my life I believe that this is meant to be. For in this moment I feel no regrets, just gratitude for my life here on this planet, for my blessed opportunity to be able to look up at the night sky which comforted me in late hours. In this moment anything seems possible, and all the sadness that had been inside has been swept up by the evening breeze and into the wind and air above. I feel this genuinely, and I hope I should never have to leave the part of myself that is one with the stars.


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