On Certainty and Doubt

To those who feel lost concerning their life’s pathway, doubt in oneself is a major component holding them back from reaching their full potential. It is true that doubt allows someone to step back, think, and figure out how to work out an issue — however, what allows them to truly progress forward is the stepping stone of certainty. No one knows where this stepping stone will lead, of course, but one cannot move on unless they themselves decide to take that risk, make the leap. Doubt will surely always have its presence; however, the ability to overcome that doubt and face the world with conviction is truly the most important part of navigating through life. Without certainty, the journey is hindered with suffocating thoughts of doubt, and so to be able to triumph, to see past and push aside those doubts is what it means to keep advancing toward a destination.

It is not wrong that certainty is always accompanied by doubt, at least in one’s own mind. Take Abraham Lincoln, for example — he was president of the United States during the Civil War, and he led the North in battle courageously, but not without facing several obstacles along the way. Many Republicans, Northerners who were on his side, doubted his decisions and tried to keep him from doing anything reckless. The reality is, however, the North may not have won this battle without Lincoln’s certainty in himself and his people. Had he not followed through with his plans despite heavy opposition, their status would have remained stagnant and such progress would not have been made. Doubt will always be there because there will always be people who think differently, who might criticize and try to stop someone from acting — but certainty in oneself and one’s willpower is what allows them to push forward and overcome the trials and tribulations they might face.

On another note, certainty is built upon a foundation of trust, and doubts must be constantly fought against in order to stabilize that foundation. The same way is with relationships — one has to be certain that they want to stay with the other in order to fully commit; they must rid themselves of any doubts first before they can take the next step with their significant other. In order to do this it’s essential that both sides take the necessary time to build reasons for faith, gradually eliminating doubt and establishing something valuable, something worth holding onto even when the situation seems bleak. If someone is constantly questioning, always looking to pick a fight, the relationship cannot remain stable. The foundation of this is built upon trust, and if doubts constantly overcome them the relationship will inevitably crumble. Despite lingering doubts, it’s most important to communicate about them, trusting the other person with certainty in their heart that they will be able to maintain the integrity and honesty that they have.

Ultimately, certainty is the necessary drive that allows someone to rise up even in the most unideal circumstances. Even in the face of immense and plentiful opposition, despite overwhelming criticism, one’s certainty in him or herself can triumph. Believing that one does not need to go down to the level of how other people view them will allow them to accomplish those goals even at a disadvantage.


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