Pep Talk for Those Who Hesitate

The most important part, I’ve realized, of a lot of activities is to be all there. Don’t be afraid, don’t hesitate. This moment will never come again, nothing will ever be the same as it is right now. So make this moment yours, cherish it, own it, relish in it because you have every right to do so. When all else is lost you will still, you will always have yourself. Your thoughts. Your emotions. You can still own these — these things, for lack of a better word — they are your anchor, your pride, your virtue. You can never not have anything. You will always have something, even if only yourself, your ideas, your unspoken words, everything inside. You have the power to do anything you like.

You can always do something different, something so totally outrageous in the eyes of other people, so unexpected it changes the entire course of your life. You can make things new. You can make a choice.

You have the power to change and make yourself happy.

You can lead a different life, if you so wish. All it takes is a moment to make a decision. Don’t hesitate and regret. Keep trying, it will lead you somewhere. You are in charge. Own it.


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